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Loopify APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v199

Loopify  APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v199
App Name Loopify: Live Looper
Lastest Version 199
Last Updated October 22, 2022
Publisher Zuidsoft
Requirements Android
Category Video Editor
Size 35M
Google Playstore

Loopify is a hot application for young users. Want to create cool animations? However, the effects available on social networks are often limited and not professional enough? Loopify will solve your problem. This is the leading dynamic loop creation application today.

Introducing Loopify

Young users love music and always want to put their favorite songs on social networks. However, the available effects are not enough to make the listening experience enjoyable. Loopify will help you create animations according to sound, thereby creating a highlight for your personal page.

What is Loopify?

Loops, which are quite common in music, are used to show the duration of the sound. Loopify, as the name suggests, is an application that supports making animated loops based on recorded audio. App owns a treasure trove of diverse and professional filters, provided for free.

The final product is saved as a short video or animation, and sharing is easy. We can quickly record a song, create GIFs and send them to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook. Loopify makes “virtual life” so much easier.

Currently, the latest version of the application is Loopify 117. The version has up to 30 online filters. Besides, there is the function of using short clips available or photos taken from the phone. From there, the experience and product will be more personal. The output file is fast, high quality, has a small total size, and is comfortable to save to your phone.

Why should you use Loopify?

Do you often see amazing stories on Instagram and wonder how they are made? In fact, an impressive story always needs to be concise and use top-notch effects. In this case, GIFs would be the best choice. Loopify helps you create interesting animation files in no time. With a variety of effects, you can “hot” share them on stories without post-editing. Simple operation and free.

👉 Loopify APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v199

Create cool animations and music

Music will come alive if accompanied by images, especially GIFs. Create a short video with loop effects, dub music and add cute stickers. Once you share it on social networks, you will make a lot of people admire!

Diverse with countless effects available

The special thing about Loopify and the latest version is the number of effects available up to 30. Instead of 1 – 2 boring filters, users can diversify their videos with Loopify. In it, do not forget to use the following hot hit effects:

  • Metronome
  • Countdown
  • Overdubbing
  • Recording mode: Direct hoặc on wraparound
  • Reverb
  • Echo
  • Flanger
  • Bitcrusher
  • Compressor
  • Limiter
  • Guitar distortion
  • Trim first loop
  • Shift loop

Besides, instead of manipulating a channel, Loopify has allowed to merge channels together. The number of merged channels can be up to 4, 6, 8, and up to 9. The feature helps the images appear rich, instead of moving monotonously for tens of seconds.

Once you’ve finished your animation, beautify your product with music and stickers. Features like running text, changing colors will make your animations more eye-catching. Done, just click share and you can share the results online.

User-friendly interface, easy to use

With Loopify, we just need to act like on social networking sites. The default application uses a black background, text, and icons. Your job is to customize and “mix n’ match” the effects and contexts to perfection.

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This app has easy-to-understand and easy-to-use interfaces and designs. Therefore, anyone can become a “witch editor”.

MOD APK version of Loopify

Loopify is available on many different download platforms. So you have easy access to the free version of this app. As mentioned, Loopify’s 30 built-in effects can completely satisfy basic needs. However, if you want to become a professional creator, you will need more advanced effects. That’s why we created Loopify MOD APK version with Premium Unlocked feature.

MOD features

Premium Unlocked

Loopify MOD APK gives you access to a limitless treasure of effects and features. With only 30 free effects, users can create a lot of attractive animations. So with so many premium features, how big will that number be? In addition, with Premium, the effects will be extremely beautiful. The product you create will be more unique and new than ever.

Download Loopify latest version for Android

Editing animations has never been so easy. If you love beautiful stories, download Loopify now. Currently, the application is available on many different download platforms. But to download the correct version of Loopify, you need to choose the right root. After using it, don’t forget to share your experience with us and your friends.

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