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LoveUnholyc APK + MOD (All Unlocked) v2.22.0

LoveUnholyc  APK + MOD (All Unlocked) v2.22.0
App Name LoveUnholyc:Dark Fantasy Love
Lastest Version 2.22.0
Last Updated December 23, 2022
Publisher Prettybusy
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Size 78M
Google Playstore

LoveUnholyc: Real Time Dark Fantasy Otome Romance MOD APK is a simulation game from the publisher PrettyBusy. The game is for those who are engrossed in finding the true love of their life. And lurking somewhere, you can find useful experiences for your own story.

Introduce about LoveUnholyc

Everyone needs love, even Angels or Demons

The game is also a love novel that everyone wants to read once

You can call LoveUnholyc a love novel or call it a dating simulation game. It’s ok. Because anyone who plays the game will live in the very real feelings of love, where only the heart leads. And each choice and each answer lead to a different direction for a future romantic relationship.

The unusual story of an unusual girl

In the game, you play as a pretty schoolgirl with distinctive white hair. She has innocent appearance, lovely outstanding personality, attractive appearance. You have all the qualities to become “true love” for every guy. But in fact, behind that fragility, you have a secret about your identity that can scare people.

You are an “Unholyc”. That is, a half demon – half man. You have a lovely human form, but demon blood is flowing your vessel. You can call Unholyc a human-demon hybrid, but it’s okay to call Unholyc a vampire. Because they are similar in nature. Our girls are completely different. She is not a human, but she is not an Unholyc like any other Unholyc on the planet. Kindness, kindness, and the desire to find true love are what you are struggling with in life.

But cruel fate has brought you to a choice. You are currently an incomplete Unholyc, and to officially become an adult you will have to “take” an adult man and use that as a trophy to demonstrate the perfection of your Unholyc bloodline.

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That’s why you are in this school. And on one fateful day, more than you initially expected, three grown men appear in front of you. And from here, your life has completely changed.

The game, of course, is open-ended. Depending on your choices, words and behavior, and the progression of the three relationships will go in different directions. There are endings that are clearly happy endings, but there are also endings that drag you into a dark relationship full of sobs, or a sad but realistic ending. Where will you go in these endings? This is the question that will be answered when the game ends. And you did your best to follow your heart.

Interesting interactive gameplay and unpredictable progressions

It’s not just the lines or choices A, B, C like in many common visual novel games. In LoveUnholyc, you and your three men will often communicate and confide with each other via smart phones: messages, calls and video calls. Very true to the way people connect with each other in real life. Although it will be a bit more complicated for the player, especially if you have to watch closely to grasp the progress of things. But in return the excitement and excitement when playing is extremely.

When the game characters, your operation is simply touch, select and select. But you need to do exactly like you are doing on a mobile phone in real life. That is, you also press each character key to type a message, and then also open the front camera to make a video call. In each way of communication between the characters, our girl will have several options for answers. And of course, needless to say, everyone knows, what you choose will lead you to the corresponding end.

If you want to experience love, choose with your heart

My advice is to live true to what your heart tells you. Don’t you also want to understand a love experience and want to know where living with love will lead to? So don’t hesitate to hesitate too much when faced with options. Living with all your heart is sometimes not a good thing in real life. But in the game, just relax, because there is nothing to lose.

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However, any choice will be very difficult. Since every guy has his own personality and charm, which I bet no girl can refuse. Find someone to help you complete an Unholyc’s maturation ritual, or find someone whose heart is fluttering honestly, or simply find a soul mate who can tell all of your identity secrets? Who will you choose? The game has no final answer, it’s all up to you. But remember, you have a mission that cannot be denied or ignored, which is to find a man to become a true Unholyc.

Pictures and sounds of people in love

LoveUnholyc gives players the right anime-style character creation: the female characters are beautiful, lovely, innocent. The three boys each have their own looks, but just looking at them, you can guess some of their outstanding personalities. All very beautiful, very surreal and very romantic.

Another important part related to player inspiration and graphics, is the phone interface of the main character and related characters. Just through that you have somewhat visualized the house, the room, and the work you are doing. The message screen and the contents shown in it are also very neat and tidy, without causing a feeling of confusion. It’s like I’m having a real conversation in real life, very excited and full of emotions.

Mixing with the romantic atmosphere mixed with a bit of darkness of the love story, we have melodious background music, sometimes special sounds of activities from the phone owner’s video call, sometimes sensational noises from the characters. All make a love song with all different emotional climax.

MOD APK version of LoveUnholyc

MOD features

Download LoveUnholyc MOD APK for Android

Should we play this game or not? Yes, if you are looking for a game about romantic love. Shouldn’t you play this game? Well, if you are the type of fighting, action, adventure role-playing genre. And above all, if you are looking for a true love experience, to relive your dry heart, then here, consider LoveUnholyc as the first choice.

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