Games Role-Playing Pocket Knights2: Dragon Impact

Pocket Knights 2 APK + MOD (No Skill CD, God Mode, High Damage) v3.4.8

Pocket Knights 2  APK + MOD (No Skill CD, God Mode, High Damage) v3.4.8
App Name Pocket Knights2: Dragon Impact
Lastest Version 3.4.8
Last Updated December 25, 2022
Publisher Enjoy mobile game limited
Requirements Android 4.2
Category Role-Playing
Size 504M
Google Playstore

Dramatic battles between heroes and giant dragons await you to discover in Pocket Knights 2. Your goal is to slay dragons, collect treasures, artifacts and unlock new stages. Don’t miss this exciting journey.

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Introduce about Pocket Knights 2

Pocket Knights 2 – Hack-and-slash RPG game

If you’ve ever played Lords Watch, the debut product from the publisher “Enjoy mobile game limited”, it’s not difficult to recognize Pocket Knights 2 as its second part. It can be said that this is an upgraded version of the old game. Because it was still based on the traditional hack-and-slash RPG gameplay, but there was a significant improvement in many features.

In which, the most prominent is probably the improved graphics. Instead of 2D, this game has been designed on a high-end 3D platform. From there, the character image and the background become incredibly vivid. In addition, it also adds new stories and maps to explore. This shows the maturity of the manufacturer in creating games that suit the needs of gamers. So, there is no doubt about the appeal of Pocket Knights 2.

Start the adventure in the classic world

Pocket Knights 2 is set in a classic mystery world. It allows players to discover ancient treasures and enjoy colorful magical battles. Accordingly, you will play as one of the heroes in the game to participate in the journey to discover treasure and destroy dragons. Your kingdom is under threat and you fight to protect it. Let’s go.

Choose your hero

Pocket Knights 2 brings a super diverse character system with more than 100 different characters. They are the most talented warriors of the 3 kingdoms and will gather here for a common purpose. Each character will have its own advantages and disadvantages to position it on the battlefield. So you have many options for yourself but consider making the right decision.

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This game also has a feature that allows the player to control up to 3 characters. Therefore, choosing a hero is even more important because it affects your tactics. Remember that you can customize your character’s appearance, or equip them with weapons. Moreover, do not forget to upgrade them to exploit the ultimate skills.

Game levels

Instead of offering the same levels over and over again, Pocket Knights 2 offers a wide variety of game levels. Each level is a journey full of surprises with new enemies, new challenges, and new powers. Moreover, each ride will give you awesome rewards to upgrade and unlock. New things will gradually reveal themselves in your own journey.

Let us be more specific about some of the levels in Pocket Knights 2. They will be quite simple in the beginning, usually from levels 1 to 20. Players will receive small quests to familiarize themselves and practice their skill set. For example, collect precious materials, collect skill points, fight small monsters.

After level 20, things seem to get tougher. More intense battles will require more players in terms of skill and tactical thinking. But they always make you excited not only by the battles but also by the majestic scenery. Enjoy them right in your battle. Don’t forget you also have the biggest battle with the giant dragon.

Expanding the territory of the country

Players will not stop at a certain area on the map. Since their journey was endless, they were able to expand their territory even more. New areas with rich resources such as weapons, armor, materials … will surely make you excited. But don’t forget, this goes hand in hand with increasingly fierce matches. And it also means that gamers have to increasingly upgrade their squad.

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Dominate the arena

Don’t forget your ultimate goal is to enter the global leaderboard. Your score and level are what determine your rank. To increase these numbers, you can team up to participate in matches. It helps you to increase your chances of winning and the number of rewards if you win. As such, players can go faster on the road to conquering glory.

Vivid 3D graphics

There have been quite a few negative comments about the graphics quality of Lords Watch. But now fans will be satisfied with what Pocket Knights 2 shows. It possesses sharp and realistic image quality on the 3D graphics platform. Besides, the movements of the characters in the game are also quite impressive because they are smooth and have real effects. Those are the advantages that make this game more and more popular with the gaming community.

How to install Pocket Knights 2

Step 1: Download the version Pocket Knights 2 (APK or MOD + OBB File) developed exclusively by MODDED-1.

Step 2: Open the installer on an unknown Android.

Step 3: Tap install “OBB File”-> Select “” move to Android/Obb folder.

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Step 4: Open the Pocket Knights file. Tap install.

Step 5: Follow the steps on the screen.

Download Pocket Knights 2 MOD APK for Android

Pocket Knights 2 will be the most attractive RPG game in the coming time. Currently, it already has a large community with more than 1 million players. It can do this by carefully investing in each aspect from gameplay, levels, graphics. What we introduced above is not all about it. So, take the time to explore it more after downloading the game through the link below this article.

Features MOD:

  • One Hit Kill
  • Frozen Enemies
  • Unlimited Special Skill

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