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The Wanderer APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, Free Purchase) v7.01041

The Wanderer  APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, Free Purchase) v7.01041
App Name The Wanderer- Project Survival
Lastest Version 7.01041
Last Updated November 5, 2022
Publisher Medi-Ogre Games
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Action
Size 52M
Google Playstore

The Wanderer MOD APK is a survival game with pixel graphics but very lively and full of humanity. After all, when the world was almost gone, life and love were still there and is the only hope for humanity to be reborn.

Introduce about The Wanderer

Being the last remaining survivors in the harsh wasteland

The Wanderer, the pixel survival game that will keep your attention from the first minute

There are quite a few post-apocalyptic survival games. But it’s rare games choose the pixel style to do. Partly because of fear of not conveying the entire plot, partly because the items and resources during survival are sometimes very small, very detailed, pixels may not show well. But The Wanderer is different. This game chooses pixel graphics for all the progressions in the game, while still doing a good job of telling stories, making choices, and delivering extreme survival situations for players. I must say this is the point that surprised me the most when I tried it out. Indeed, sometimes you don’t need to do anything grand, just do it well, do it deeply and logically to have a quality game. This principle holds in the case of The Wanderer.


In The Wanderer, you play as a survivor of the world’s apocalyptic events. The only mission now is: live as long as possible. To survive the surrounding desolation, you will have to roam around in search of resources, food, and drink throughout the day, tools to build bunkers, weapons to fight ferocious enemies.


However, survival is always harsh and difficult. But in The Wanderer, you can breathe a little easier because it comes with an element of idleness. This feature supports a lot for players because the principle is just to find, touch the item, arrange some stages, bring it back to the warehouse, reserve it, then from the game will do and make statistics for you.

However, no matter how leisurely, in the end, you still have to be the one who walks around every day to collect each canned item, each rare candy, collect each container of water to survive the day. The first trick when playing is to collect as much food and drink as possible, they are the first thing to help your survival journey last longer.

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Enough to eat and drink, then it’s time to take care of other side things, directly related to life: building bunkers, gathering, making weapons, fighting enemies… Collecting everything possible, planning to use it with them, and then even exchanging the items you have for other necessities. Keep looking for items, upgrade the bunker, increase the ability to store items in the inventory, and do everything to fight the enemy, only then can you expect to maintain your life.

Humanity and loneliness in The Wanderer

One detail that makes me very emotional when playing this pixel game is in the Pet part. At a certain point in your survival journey, you will encounter a dog in the middle of the road. Will you be the one to decide whether to raise it or not? If you keep it you will have to spend more shelter, share food and drink with it. But in return, the loneliness will be reduced, and this strong dog also helps you to earn many other supplies in the future such as sniffing out water sources and food boxes. Importantly, it also helps you reduce the possibility of encountering enemies and is a heroic companion when facing danger.

Journey of decisions

During the game, the longer you survive, the more opportunities you have to open up new terrains, scenes, and landscapes. Each place will be a series of different challenges, dangers, and joys waiting, which requires you to always make choices, from simple to difficult. Depending on the survival strategy and play style of each person, the decisions can be different and will lead to many different results (or consequences).

It is the optionality and the fact that the game always opens up situations where you need to choose Yes/no like this that makes you aware of the dangers around, as well as being in control of the game, taking responsibility for yourself, and from there sympathize with the character you are embodying.

Customize your character

From the beginning, you can choose a name for the character, customize the color of the skin, head, legs, body. You can freely custom the appearance of the character that you want. And you should choose carefully because this character will accompany you throughout the game and you can’t change again.

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The source of survival and danger is everywhere

There is no truly safe place in the world of The Wanderer. Some people also survive like you, but they have malice and don’t want to share, just want to take away from the weaker people. The apocalypse and the terrifying days that follow are always when humanity is tested at its peak. In general, no one can be trusted, everyone is each other’s enemies, if you don’t kill them, they will kill you. To fight many enemies that travel with a group, you must have a mature hunting dog, an ideal bunker, and some good weapons. These things need to be collected from the most basic items and then gradually improved and upgraded to be able to withstand all kinds of dangers. For example, if you want to make a car to carry things quickly to run past enemies, you have to find all the parts and then assemble them to become a complete vehicle. Then find some other items to speed up the car and expand the trunk. The same principle applies to weapons, pets, and bunkers.

Each time you defeat an enemy, you will receive rewards commensurate with your efforts. The longer you live, the more interesting items and upgrades you have, and the stronger and more numerous enemies you will face.

Danger doesn’t just come from survivors, it’s also from radiation-contaminated areas. You should restrict access to those areas, or limit the time to enter the area so that the health indicators are not affected.

MOD APK version of The Wanderer

MOD features

Download The Wanderer APK & MOD for Android

Strength, speed, agility, flexibility are not everything when playing The Wanderer. Sometimes it’s luck and strategic thinking. Combining all these factors, you will survive for a long time in this difficult world.

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