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Truecaller MOD APK (Gold Member Unlocked) v12.44.301

Truecaller  MOD APK (Gold Member Unlocked) v12.44.301
App Name Truecaller: Caller ID & Block
Lastest Version 12.44.301
Last Updated September 16, 2022
Publisher Truecaller
Requirements Android Varies with
Category Communication
Size 78M
Google Playstore


Technology is becoming modern every day and getting advanced with AI and other generations. Nowadays, people can connect with each other in enormous ways such as instant messaging, video calling, internet calling, and much more. Now, even if you're out of the sim account or secondary balance, you can directly call someone by a wi-fi connection if your mobile phone is wi-fi calling advanced. So in this advanced generation, people can gain information about anything instantly by their mobile in just one tap. They only need resources appropriate to the task they wanna do. Truecaller is one of these outstanding resources which can work as a platform or a bridge between data and user. Truecaller can help you in accessing information about the unknown guy who is calling you. You can get information like his name, location, opening and closing hours(for business guys), email-id, and the complete address.

Truecaller is one of the best Caller ID, SMS, and call blocking applications available on the Google Play Store. There are millions of active users on the Truecaller application who are using premium subscriptions of Truecaller. Basically, this app helps in managing all your calls and messages as well as filtering them as per cellular company and personal logs. But the essential job of this application is to providing information about the unknown people calling on your mobile number. Truecaller grants you all the information in the format of a caller ID which contains the name, location city, mobile number, last call log, and active or busy status about the person next to you on call.

Truecaller is a damn useful application since you can call anyone directly from this app, acquire all the essential information about anyone just by entering his number. You can obtain data like his name, location, email address, active status, call logs, and much more. Moreover, this application is holding a damn comfortable user interface so that you can easily download and use this app. You can also make this application as your default caller and messenger app for a better experience. You can also send messages to anyone directly by the Truecaller app. But with all these advantages, there is still one demerit in this app since for using all the premium subscriptions of this app you must need to pay for its subscription first. Most of the features are locked in the free version of Truecaller such as you can't get info about who has seen your profile, call recording, unlimited number of searches, and much more.

So for providing you with all these premium features of Truecaller with the Gold badge free of cost, today we're here with the modified application of the Truecaller App - Truecaller Premium APK. With the help of this application, you can get access to the premium subscription of the Truecaller app free of cost. Also, you'll receive a lot of additional features with this application, such as no advertisement, etc. So download this application right now and enjoy all the premium features of this Caller ID app with zero interruptions.


Truecaller is an android application that comes in the communication category. It's one of the best Caller ID applications on the Google Play Store since, in all communication category apps, Truecaller is trending as the #1 top-grossing apps. It was released on 31st May 2012 by the True Software corporation, and right now, it's holding 500,000,000+ total downloads with 13,000,000+ positive user reviews. Still, after over 13 million user reviews, this application is rated as 4.4 * rating, which is lit. Well, this service has 200 Million+ monthly active users, as well as over five countries, are using the Truecaller application as their default calling and messaging app. In all these countries, India is no. 1 since if we look at the total traffic on Truecaller, there is 55% Indian traffic.

Truecaller provides a lot of exceptional features that every calling and messaging apps doesn't have such as caller location, auto-blocking spam calls, Caller ID, Caller other contact details, and much more. You can also know about the details of any person just by their mobile number like their location city, email address if they've registered, their name, and much more. Truecaller also provides you with a flash message feature by which you can send someone texts instantly as per your internet access, same as Whatsapp and Facebook. Moreover, you can also get details about call logs, the status of the next guy - active or on-call, as well as, you can also send or receive money by Truecaller embedded UPI feature. Truecaller is an all-rounder application since after installing it, you won't need any other app since it can work as a caller, messenger, contacts app, Caller-ID, UPI app, QR Scanner, and much more.

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Truecaller Premium APK

Before Truecaller, there wasn't a single effortless method to find phone numbers beside you wanted to waste hours exploring the web or asking friends about information or numbers. But now with this advanced technology, you can use the Truecaller app and search easily about any mobile number and do much more. Nevertheless, still, there are immense premium features in the Truecaller application, which you can only access after subscribing to its premium subscription. Basically, this premium subscription costs from 30.00 INR to 5000.00 INR based on features, usage, and duration. But today we're here to take you out of all these troubles by providing you with a modified variant of Truecaller named Truecaller Premium APK.

Truecaller Premium APK is one of the most trustworthy modified variants of the Truecaller app since it's 100% virus-free. You don't have to worry about your phone's security and data while surfing this application since our professional team has already tested this application on several devices. Moreover, this application comes with a brilliant user interface which is ditto same as the official Truecaller app. So must give this app a try and you'll definitely love it.


Gold Caller ID

The significant feature of this modified application is, you can turn on the gold caller ID in this app which will change the total interface of the app as well as the caller ID. You'll receive a gold Caller ID for everyone calling you and the persons whom you are calling. Gold caller ID is one of the best features of the Truecaller Premium APK since it is worth 5000.00 INR.

Spam Blocking

Truecaller is the most reliable android application since it can deal with everything you need. It can also help you in blocking spam calls and messages. You can turn on the Spam block mode in your Truecaller Premium APK settings and can easily block all the Spam calls as well as you'll also get a section for all listing the spam calls. It's one of the best applications for filtering your calls based on Important and Spam.

No ads

No advertisement interruption is the best thing everyone likes in modified applications since no one can bear interference by ads while doing some important work and also at the time of entertainment. Being stuck in the advertisement is the worst feeling of every free user in the Truecaller application. So it's a brilliant feature of the Truecaller Premium MOD APK to provide you with no ad interface so that you can use this app comfortably without any interruption.

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Read and Reply

It's the newest feature of the Truecaller application that you can only use in the Truecaller Premium APK. By enabling read and reply traits in the Truecaller settings, you can make Truecaller auto-responding to your text messages as per your desire. You can edit message replies for each user on their messaged keyword. Must try this feature in Truecaller Premium APK at least once.

Who viewed my profile(unlimited)

Over 200,000,000 users are using the Truecaller app on a daily basis as their default calling and messaging app. So if anyone is searching for your account by mobile number, you'll get a notification in this app containing their name and information. So that you can simply know about the guy gathering information about you.

Call Recording

Call Recording is one of the most unusual features of the Truecaller Premium APK since with hundreds of phone calls daily it's understandable if you don't catch every single detail. Call recording feature lets you replay saved audio files to make sure you haven't missed any details. So from now, you don't have to download any additional third-party app for recording calls.


Notwithstanding the costlier price related to the other Caller ID applications, Truecaller Premium is a damn powerful application with great features. It's an all-rounder application since you can use it to make phone calls, sending messages, call recording, blocking spam calls, making payments, filtering calls, and do many other tasks. Moreover, you can also use this premium application for viewing users' profiles individually without any ad interruption. Additionally, this android application is 100% secure, so you don't have to worry before providing it with permissions for making calls and messages. So download this app right now and enjoy it. Still, if you've any questions in your mind, then please inscribe them in the comment box below.

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