Blog News "Universal Android Debloater" bloatware removal tool gets new update

"Universal Android Debloater" bloatware removal tool gets new update

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Publish: 1 year ago
"Universal Android Debloater" bloatware removal tool gets new update

Following the launch of Universal Android Debloater v0.4.0 in February, X.DA forum member @w1nst0n_fr has now released a new update for shell scripts, bringing a major change to the list of possible apps. removed, fixed bugs, added some new features and improved the user interface.

If you do not know, Universal Android Debloater is an OEM shell script developed by the community and a list of bloatware specific to each Android device. This tool is very useful if you want to remove all pre-installed apps/software on your device with one click!

In the previous 0.4.1 update, the entire structure of UAD was replaced with Rust and turned it into a tool with a complete GUI and cross-platform capabilities. Besides, the developer also updated a series of new application packages to the uninstall list, multi-device support and many other notable improvements. One of the major improvements of Universal Android Debloater 0.4.1 is the asynchronous execution of parallel ADB commands, which greatly enhances UI responsiveness. The list of recommended debloat apps has also been revised, adding bloatware from the likes of Fairphone, Qualcomm, Unihertz, Xiaomi, and UK carrier EE. For Arch Linux users, the tool is available in AUR as a universal-android-debloater-bin (binary) and universal-android-debloater (source) source.

With version v0.5, this tool brings some user interface changes, deselect all and restart buttons, and remote download support for debug lists.

List of changes in Universal Android Debloater v0.5:

👉 Android 13 beta 4 is here: The last beta before we go stable?

  • Application :
    • Add com.tblenovo.lenovotips to the recommended list.
    • Move Google keyboard to Advanced list (Default keyboard should not be in Recommended list)
    • Move to the list of Experts. Deleting it will reboot the device on MIUI 12.5.4+.
  • Update Debloat list:
    • Added a bunch of new packages
    • Lots of description updates and fixes
    • Major revision of recommendations to more consistent criteria
  • Added :
    • Deselect All Button
    • Restart button:
    • Download uad_lists.json remotely
    • Self-updating UAD
  • Changed :
    • Automatic device search via ADB, refresh every 500ms (1 minute)
    • All the init process has been redone and a status message is displayed at each stage (DownloadingList, FindingPhones, LoadingPackages, UpdatingUad Ready) so you know what's going on.
    • Small changes to the user interface
  • Packaging:
    • Add a non-self-updating build for MacOS and Linux. Useful if UAD is distributed into repositories. The update process will then be managed by a package manager.
    • MacOS builds are also now released as compressed tarballs (like for Linux). You don't need to manually add execute permission anymore.

You can download the details of the changes for Universal Android Debloater v0.5 here: Releases · 0x192/universal-android-debloater.